A Property Found!

Great news – and the reason why this post is later than usual – Rev. Mugo and I went to view a property on Saturday and I have decided to rent it.

The property is on the edge of the town of Wirksworth in Derbyshire, just south of Matlock, with fields behind it and yes, the small lake is included. There is a large room, looking out on the lake, which is a lounge/diner/kitchen – pictures below (you can click to enlarge them).


There are two bedrooms, bathroom and a utility room, and space to park a retreat caravan. And there is a summerhouse which would make a very pleasant little shrine/meditation room:

We both had a very good feeling about the place – I think it will make a wonderful place of retreat. There are still a few formalities to complete, but if all goes well I am hoping to move in at the end of February. I still can’t quite believe that we have found such a delightful and suitable property so easily! I’ll publish more details in future posts.

20 thoughts on “A Property Found!

  1. Great news. the place looks amazing. In some of the most beautiful countryside in England. What more could you want?

  2. Cangratulations Rev. Mugo and Rev. Alicia! This coming from our small sangha in Northern Idaho, USA led by Rev. Master Zensho. Perhaps someday I’ll get to visit.

    In gassho _/\_

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  4. How wonderful to find all these supportive comments in my mailbox this morning! Thank you all so much. And thank you Adrienne for asking what items will be in my begging bowl – I have started to compile a wishlist and will post it on this site very soon.

  5. Congratulations to you both. It looks like a lovely building in a great location. Gassho Ralph

  6. Well done, it looks perfect. What is in your begging bowl as far as furniture, fittings etc?

  7. That looks absolutely wonderful! I am so pleased for you and all the future retreatants who will benefit from it. A great project – well done and congratulations! Gassho, Karen

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