A Shepherd Hut

I have been out this morning to meet Paul at The Northumberland Shepherd Hut Co. I have been looking at shepherd huts online and thinking what a fabulous hermitage one of these huts would make. Paul’s huts are particularly beautiful, made with reclaimed wood and very solid. I think these huts are at the top end of the market, but as the workshop is only a one-hour drive from Throssel it was well worth going for a look-see.

Hut in Construction

Shepherd Hut in Construction

There are other shepherd hut companies around, many of them in the south-west, such as Dorset Shepherd Huts who do a self-build option starting at £4,100 + VAT which may be nearer what we might afford. You would need to add on the cost of a woodstove, a sink and 2-ring gas hob and a composting loo plus delivery charge for the whole kit.

Here’s another company that does a self-build option: Blackdown Shepherd Huts in Somerset.

And there are probably some second-hand shepherd huts for sale somewhere – has anybody seen one?

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