The Project

Field of Merit has been set up to offer to practitioners of the Soto Zen school of Buddhism the opportunity to do solitary retreat in individual hermitages in a quiet rural location with the practical support and spiritual guidance of one or more monastics of the Order of Buddhist Contemplatives.

A solitary retreat provides an undisturbed space to pursue meditation, study, reflection, and an opportunity to experience oneself alone and away from constant contact with other people.

In January 2014 a rental property in Derbyshire was found, and Rev. Alicia moved in on the 25th of February. The property will enable two retreat guests to be accommodated, one in a caravan next to the house, and one in a guest room in the house itself.

Eventually we hope to raise enough money to purchase a freehold property with a few acres of land, a 2- or 3-bedroom house and outbuildings that can be converted into hermitages, or the potential to site cabins or similar structures to serve as hermitages.