About Time!

Old faithful watch + 'oddments'.

Old faithful watch + ‘oddments’.

In February, in a shop in Keswick, I’d nearly closed a deal on a replacement strap for this Caseo watch and then discovered it was going to cost a massive five pounds! I slipped out of the shop feeling a slight sense of shame and embarrassment. I don’t think I can put words to why I felt this way, except perhaps I was feeling a bit mean in not buying the strap.

These past days, or is it weeks now, I’ve been packing up my belongings in readiness to travel. The Casio watch has been turning up regularly in my ‘pocket rubble’ along with elastic bands, paper clips and other oddments. I wrote about these ‘oddments’ recently in this post on Jade Mountains. There I talked about taking care of seemingly insignificant things ending by mentioning the watch would be pocketed once again. For the time being.

There is nothing like going through ones belongings to see just how much is bound up in them. I’d say personal objects are the physical evidence of ones passage through time. They are ones history. That old watch, and ones like it, have been my close traveling companion since 1981! Is hanging onto it mere sentimental attachment? I think not. Or a wish to be reminded of the past? Which the watch certainly does. No I think the watch and similar loyal traveling companions are redolent with sentiments of gratitude. As with the watch so with the wrist it was once attached to, as well as the rest of my physicality. To have traveled thus far in life, to have traveled at all, can only raise great gratitude.

There is never a time
when it isn’t
about time
to make a bow or three in