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We have had a very positive response to the idea of an online meditation day – see my previous post – so we will go ahead and set a date. We are assuming that Saturday is the most likely day that people will be able to manage, but if this is not so then please do let us know. At the moment possible dates are Saturday 22nd June, Saturday 29th June and Saturday 6th July. Again, it would be really helpful to us to know if any or all of these dates would work for you.

Once we can confirm the date we will give you more details about the day, including how to join the online tea & questions if you wish to. I am looking forward to it!

I am also trying to do more meditation on a daily basis. From time to time I find I need to get a bit more disciplined about this. We have a number of optional meditation periods at the monastery, in addition to the fixed ones, and I have gotten out of the habit of going to the optional ones. There is always plenty of work to do, and sometimes that does take priority, but not always, and it is often my choice to organise myself so that I can get to some of these extra sittings.

It is a matter of flexibility. Some things are helped enormously by being made into a regular daily habit, such as doing at least one meditation period at a set time each day. But for some other things It just doesn’t work to say, for example, OK, I am going to go to evening service every day. If I say that, I am not being realistic. I have to be able to discern what is good to do on a day-by-day (hour by hour) basis rather than rely on a fixed schedule. It’s the same with getting out for a walk. I aim to go more days than not. If I am clear about my intention and don’t just drift into the easiest option (sitting down with a cup of tea, probably) then I can get the best out of each day. It requires a little more effort and self-awareness, but, hey, I’m up for that!

8 thoughts on “An Online Meditation Day – More

  1. I am going to say that any of those dates may be fine with me and Nigel, imminent grandparent duties being unpredictable. We will keep doing what we can (in the way of both meditation and grandparent duties!).

  2. Hi there, wonderful initiative. Would it be ok if I post a link to it in the Sangha facebook group? It seems a shame not to let others who are online know about the chance?



  3. I’d like to do my best to join in and any of those dates work for me, though, as I shall probably have retreated into my tent, it is likely that tea and questions on-line might turn out to be too challenging!

  4. @ Rev. Alicia:
    “Its a matter of flexibility……” I can relate to that last paragraph. Ordinary daily lfe tends to disrupt our ideals. As Dogen says, “To live by zen is to live an ordinary daily life.”
    I plan out my day and plan ahead then life itself means such plans need revising yet again.

  5. Any one of them dates would be fine for me, as you say “flexibility” can help us.
    How exciting, can`t wait!.

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