An Online Meditation Day

Inspired by Adrienne’s invitation to people to meditate at the same time as her each morning and evening when she was on her merit walk around the Pembrokeshire coast, I had the idea that Field of Merit could offer an online meditation day.

When Field of Merit materialises as an actual place there will be the opportunity for retreatants to meditate together morning and evening, but most of the time, we imagine, people will be practicing alone in the hermitages, supported by the spiritual momentum that builds up in a place where people are meditating and following a contemplative practice.

Sitting with others, even if we are not in the same physical room, can inspire us to get to our meditation cushion and gives a certain positive energy to our practice. Think of the space that you meditate in at home as your hermitage for the time you are sitting!

My thoughts so far, for an online meditation day, are:

  • Try it once, and if it is popular we could do it regularly, say once a month on a specific day e.g. 2nd Saturday of each month.
  • We would post the program for the day on the website so that people could follow along.
  • People could do the whole day, or drop in and out. The program could start at 8am and end at 5pm (UK time), with a 20-minute meditation and 10-minute walking meditation starting each hour and half-hour. People could take time out for lunch and tea-breaks whenever it suited them.
  • If we use online seminar technology, such as that provided by GoToMeetingwe could have a tea & questions together at a pre-arranged time.

Please let us know what you think of this idea by posting a comment below or by contacting us. Would the online technology encourage you or would you be quite happy without it? What do you think of the suggested program? Have you done anything like this before? (I haven’t!)

Look forward to hearing from you.

15 thoughts on “An Online Meditation Day

  1. I think this is a great idea – i have ‘virtually’ sat with others before and found it helpful, there is definitely a sense of connection even when you are not physically there together – its like a kind of coalescence of intention and offering in a way – this is how i feel with sharing practice when physically together too, and as someone who cant do that as much as i would like i am certainly grateful to be able to partake in other ways of sharing practice, so you can certainly count me in too! _/\_

  2. Thank you all so much for your comments – looks like me and Rev. Mugo need to look at our diaries and set a date!

  3. Yes, would very much like to try it; will have see how it fits in with Len (husband’s) work pattern, as he works every other week-end. _/\_

    • Ah good. I was wondering if you would be up for a trial meditation day Allie. The next step is to find a suitable day that the majority can attend.

  4. I think it is a great idea, and great for folk like me that don´t have others to sit with.

    • Oh Emlyn, how wonderful that you would contemplate joining us on this adventure. We will start sorting on a day most people can manage.

    • Glad you feel so Chris. I’m kinda excited at the prospect of sitting around having tea with people all around the world. Well the time zone thing might be a bit of a prob. though.

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