Appreciating the Known

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For some reason this image keeps calling me back this afternoon, unfortunately why this is so is difficult to put into words. There is a tension between the familiar and the unfamiliar, the known present and the future pregnant with possibilities. Perhaps it is that the bark of the Silver Birch which is familiar and close at hand is stabilizing me in the here and now while the path draws me on into the unknown with the ever-present challenge to let go and step forward. The strongest message of this image is the reminder that however comfortable life has become there is always the going on, going on, always going on, always becoming Buddha. Which is the teaching found at the end of the Scripture of Great Wisdom.

To return to that tension mentioned above. Yes, there is the call to ‘go on’ and ‘let go’ of the familiar, while at the same time there is wisdom in not rushing on precipitously and fail to appreciate that which has held and sustained and is the stable rock from which to rise from. It is all too easy to believe that the ‘gold’ of life is over there buried under the end of the distant rainbow when it is set beside the path where we are right now. And still the pregnant road beckons, as it always must.

This ‘going on’ while appreciating what’s here and now is very much the teaching coming from the current unfolding of the Field of Merit project. I’d imagine that any time of transition is like this for everybody, a bitter-sweet time when it is both easy and difficult to move. Both at the same time. Good fortune to Rev. Alicia as you step out and forward.

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