Be Not Overly Concerned

Saigyo Hoshi (12th Century priest and poet)

Saigyo Hoshi (12th Century priest and poet)

Today I received a card from a reader and supporter. The image is an embroidered picture of hedge parsley near Beadnell, on the coast of Northumberland. I love embroidery in all forms. The note in the card said, The whole thing (where he bought the picture and the image itself) makes me think of you and Rev. Alicia celebrating the Field of Merit charitable status… Thank you so much.

There was a poem written on the card too:

Even a person free of passion
would be moved
to sadness:
autumn evening in a marsh where snipe fly up.

Saigyo Hoshi

These autumn evenings, this evening, here in Northumberland as the light fades from the sky there is a certain something hanging in the air. Yes perhaps sadness, perhaps joy. Perhaps both together! Saigyo showed emotion in his writing and I’m OK talking about emotions – we all have them. I love this image of him walking on, as we are.

I’d intended to write at greater length about emotions related to the real, or imagined, opinions others have of us. One can easily become plagued by such worries and thoughts and it can be quite hard to let them pass. Such is the strength of concerns about how others regard us and our actions. It would be natural enough to take note of what others think, be that negative or positive, however such thoughts can get out of hand. Thus the sense of being plagued.

Time has run out once again and I’ll just have to pass on something one of the senior monks said to me years ago during a private interview. I was advised to not be overly concerned about what other people think (about you). At the time I was really quite shocked at this advice however those simple words turned out to be a turning point for me. They hold true to this day.

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