Building not Shed

Rev. Alicia and 'pod'.

Rev. Alicia and ‘pod’.

Rev. Alicia and I met in the Southern Lake District on Tuesday. We enjoyed lunch together – a treat of egg, beans, chips and then visited a two-man enterprise making camping pods. Their workshop was deep in the folds of the lowland Lakes – UK Hideaways Ltd. We were given a royal welcome and our every question answered in detail. The two men, obviously enjoying working together, seemed to have all the time in the world for us. We were impressed. Impressed by the attention to detail in the build, the thorough consideration of materials they were using. Most inspiring for me was their obvious committment to what they make not only while they are building but after they have left the workshop. Oh yes we visit our pods after they are on site to make sure everything is as it should be. Finding people who love what they do for a living is indeed inspiring.

If these pods were to be what Rev. Alicia chooses for the hermitages I think they will be great little, and not so little actually, spaces to sit within. Clearly they are not just ‘sheds’. They are buildings, secure, well-built, weather proof and long-lasting. They are guaranteed for 30 years of serviceable life.

After visiting the workshop one chap escorted us to a commercial campsite some distance away where around twelve pods were rowed up waiting for spring to come and to be filled up with jolly campers. It was clear on getting inside finished buildings that these would be ideal hermitages. And reflecting on why I thought this I came to see how the attitude of the men who put their hands to constructing them made a very positive contribution. A contribution which would have an impact on anybody sitting silently within them.

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    • Yes and made in the southern Lakes too. There is a field of them relatively close too. They are booked up for campers all through the season. Solid.

  1. The pods look and sound lovely. I agree that the care with which they are made would be a very positive contribution.

  2. Oh my! These are fabulous! I want one! They look perfect…a very ‘organic’ looking little building as well.

    • Glad you like the pod. The shape is very special and the chap who came up with it took 18 months to get the shape just right.

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