Heart Work

It is one thing to have great ideas and plans and quite another to do what it takes for them to evolve and develop into something that can be seen, held, appreciated and thus become some-thing. Rather than no-thing. I refer to that movement, from ideas to action to some-thing, as making manifest.

The other day I got an email from somebody who had the impression we had a place already and wanted to come and visit us! No we have not made manifest Field of Merit quite to that extent! However within the last couple of weeks our funds have risen to 7% of the five hundred thousand pounds we plan to raise. That is so encouraging of some-thing apearing. And just today we met with Tony our business adviser to work on wording for our application to become a registered company, which in turn will be registered with the Charity Commission. Between now and then there will be some serious Refuge taking with our seniors since nothing properly moves without Refuge in the Sangha. It is vitally how we as a religious Order function.

At the end of the meeting Tony went through a projected time-line for the completion of this registration process. He thought by the end of March Field of Merit will have a legal framework in place, which is a major step towards making manifest our plans. Also working away in the background is an old friend of mine designing a logo. So birthing this baby involves a whole network of people and we hope that this network will grow and grow.

People have said, warned us actually, that this project will involve a lot of hard work and the assumption being that it is Rev. Alicia and me who will be doing the hard work. It is proving otherwise. But wait a moment! How about converting the word hard to heart? The making manifest of the lovely retreat hermitages and all that goes with them, however and wherever they may manifest, will involve HEART WORK. Feels softer, doable and all together something I can devote myself to. Not that I shrink away from what we traditionally talk about as hard work. It is just that the attitude of mind/body while working, the heart it is done with, which is the important thing. Results are good, however the means whereby they are arrived at are vital.

7 thoughts on “Heart Work

    • Hi, Thank you for your inspiration Naomi, and wishing you all very well for the new year to come. Oh brave one.

  1. Thank you for this post Rev Mugo. Reading it radically shifted my perspective on several issues that are currently manifesting themselves in “my” life.

    • Hay! Happy Christmas Ann. You have another to thank for the switch of words and thus perspective. However in the end it has to be all ones own work. Much cause to be grateful I feel, all around.

    • Hi Ian,
      Thanks for leaving this comment. I have to confess here that the switch from hard work to heart work was not my original thought. It came from a conversation I had with a woman, a creative woman, I spoke to on the phone last week-end.

  2. I so much appreciate what you have written.
    and changing the word from hard work to heart work, makes a difference in how we live our lives, yes the heart work of training, it’s inclusive.
    Deep appreciation for our chat earlier on to-day.
    May the field of merit project evolve, flow and grow
    with bows K

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