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This morning Rev. Mugo, Rev. Wilfrid and I had a meeting of the Field of Merit Trustees. One of the items on the agenda was to agree to register with the online donation service provided by MyDonate, which is operated by British Telecom. This will enable us to put a Donate Now button on the website. One of the reasons that we chose MyDonate was because they do not take any commission, unlike other services such as PayPal.

Rev. Mugo and I are also (slowly) making other improvements to the website. You have probably noticed that we have moved this blog from the front page and created a front page that hopefully sends the message that this site is more than the blog.

We added some text at the top of the Appeal for Funds page, which says “All donations are received as offerings to the Buddhadharma and are accepted with deepest gratitude.” At the heart of generosity is the unconditional nature of the gift. It is given because one wishes to bring benefit to all beings.

Work still to be done includes taking down the Transfer of Merit page – it seems to have run its course and to no longer be meeting a need. And I think we can put some more specific details on the About the Project page, and keep that more up-to-date as the project moves towards taking actual physical form in 2014.

So please do let us know if you have any thoughts about improving the website: Is there more information you’d like? Can you find what you are looking for? Anything about the look or feel of the site that doesn’t hit the spot for you? We always like to get feedback!

2 thoughts on “Improving the Website

  1. Following this site is a bit like watching a flower grow. The seed was planted and the primary stem with its pair of leaves has appeared and already the next stage is forming which will give a more definitive idea of how it will grow in the future.
    It all looks very promising.


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