It’s not about resolving the situation

OK, so situations generally need to be resolved, I’m not disputing that. But if we are disturbed or upset by challenging conditions, an annoying person or a malfunctioning object and we think that our peace of mind. our well-being, depends on resolving the situation, we will always be running around trying to fix everything that upsets us and never look at the root of the upset, which lies within ourselves.

Something got to me this morning. I thought it fell into the “annoying person” category, but on further investigation it turned out to be “malfunctioning object” and it was interesting how my state of mind immediately changed. It reminded me of the traditional story that illustrates this, that of the boatman who sees another boat heading down the river straight at him. He is angry and shouting until the boat is almost colliding with him and he sees there is no-one in it, it is just a boat that has come loose from its moorings. His anger dissolves, he simply takes evasive action and the boat goes on by.

So, back to me this morning. When I realised there was no-one in the boat, so to speak, and my mind relaxed, I realised I had been caught up in the external situation and forgotten to look at the true cause of my disturbance – me!  Looking further, I saw that I had been uncomfortable about a possibly difficult conversation. Looking deeper I could see that I was separating myself from the other person in my mind, and holding on to a position. Look deeper still……………… This is the Way.

3 thoughts on “It’s not about resolving the situation

  1. A useful reminder – thank you. Perhaps not unrelated, I try to moderate my tendency to have opinions on anything and everything from the packaging on mince pies to climate change.

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