Life Around the Lake

The Buddha given by theThrossel community...Each morning, after meditation and morning service, I light a stick of incense and step outside to offer it at the statue by the lake. Then I take a walk around the lake, pausing to look at what I see in and around it. Yesterday I noticed activity in the water, something darting out from under the rocks at the edge. It turned out to be a frog. Later I saw another frog making its way across the path towards the lake. Guess I can expect frog spawn soon.

There are a duck and a moorhen around most of the time and sometimes other ducks come. One day last week I noticed the moorhen being particularly active, zooming around the edge of the lake. Turned out it was chasing a stoat which was having great fun running in and out of the rocks and jumping between them, making at least one complete circuit.

I’m not much of a bird watcher, but a yellow wagtail has been catching my eye (though it turns out to be called a grey wagtail – see comments). That was (obviously not) easy to identify in the bird book. Harder to recognise are the numerous little brown jobs as Rev. Master Daizui, a keen bird watcher, used to call them.

Spot the Duck

Click to enlarge the photo and see the duck in the centre!

In addition to being new to bird watching I am also new to gardening. I can see that the grassy bank around the property has many beautiful mature shrubs and trees, which are currently bursting out of their buds, but I’ve no idea what they are going to look like – quite fun really! Spring is definitely a good time to move to a new place.

After my morning walk around the lake I get on with my day, knowing that nature is right there outside the door to remind me to relax, walk slowly and pay attention. If you’d like to read news about how it’s all going with getting the place set up you can click Archive to see the newsletter that I sent out yesterday. Click Subscribe if you’d like to receive the newsletter each month.

2 thoughts on “Life Around the Lake

  1. Dear Rev Alicia. Its good to hear that you are settling in and enjoying so much natural history. What a treat! The yellow wagtail is not only a rare bird these days but is also usually a summer visitor to the UK. The so called grey wagtail also looks quite yellow, is resident all year round and quite common these days. I have a feeling the latter might be your meditation companion? All the best with your project. Catherine

    • Back to the book…grey wagtail it is. Fancy calling a bird grey when its most striking feature is yellow – guess the other one got named first. Thanks Catherine!

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