May we within the temple of our own hearts dwell….

A field shelter in Eastern Cumbria - for sheep.

A field shelter in Eastern Cumbria – for sheep.

Our new logo has had me thinking about shelter and how small spaces are very attractive, drawing one into them. I discovered a set of photographs of bus shelters
by American photographer Chris Mottalini which I hope you enjoy looking at as much as I do. These shelters, large enough for one or two children, have a striking resemblance to our logo. A small confined space, shelter from the elements. As the artist says they are representative of the universal impulse of to care. If I were a child in Buffalo I’d long for the bus to not come! I’d then sit in the shelter all day – in solitude. Here is the artist’s statement about his work.

‘The Mistake by the Lake’ is a photographic record of the assortment of (school) bus shelters to be found scattered across the landscape of greater Buffalo, New York. These sentry-like structures are built by parents in order to protect their children from the brutal Buffalo winters. The sheer variety in design is astounding, with many of the shelters being built in a similar style to the family home. They will often match, mimic or complement the owners’ houses like bizarre architectural offspring. These structures are representative of the universal impulse of care, which undercuts the narrative of neglect and abandonment that the mention of Buffalo (the photographer’s hometown) usually invokes. The heart of the work for me is capturing the material products of human concern and emotion that have, in many cases, fallen into disuse.

Chris Mottalini
To view the photographs click on the link above. Then when in the site click on the word photographs. A list will appear, click on The Mistake by the Lake. A photograph will appear to the left. Wait for all the pictures to load and then you can scroll through them clicking on the tiny arrow (looks a bit like this >). You can find the arrow by moving your cursor around towards the bottom right hand edge of the photographs. Drop me a note if you need help. It would be welcome contact with those of you reading here.

I believe there is something in all of us that we knew as children. That’s, given the time and opportunity, to withdraw within and dwell in solitude. Even amidst rush and bustle. Being in a confined physical space, a hut, can help remind us of what we already know about. That our temple is within our own hearts, where we can dwell always.

A hat tip to the daughter of a regular reader whose university work referenced these photographs. Thank you so much.

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  1. Yes, aren’t they lovely. Remind me of a meditation hut I had a few years ago and still remember with great fondness. And gratitude to the special girl who introduced them to us.

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