Meditation Day – Saturday 22nd June

So, we are going to try out our first at home meditation day on Saturday 22nd June.

The idea is that you can join in wherever you are, whenever you can and for whatever length of time you’d like to. Or dip in and out during the day.

We’ll start at 8am (UK time), and have a 20-minute meditation period on each hour and half-hour, so there’s a 10-minute walking meditation, or break, between each sitting. There isn’t an official finish time, to accommodate those who like to sit late or who are not in the UK time zone.

At 4pm there will be an opportunity to have a ‘tea and questions’ together online via the GoToMeeting software for those who have participated in any part of the day. This online meeting facility is relatively straightforward to use, but if you haven’t used it before let me know and I can do a trial run with you beforehand if you’d like. If you want to have the option of joining the tea you will need to email me in advance of the day via the contact form so that I can send you the email invitation that will allow you to join the tea. We can have up to 26 people online, which should be plenty, but it will be first come, first served on the day. Rev. Mugo will be sitting with us, since she will be on retreat anyway, however she will not be at the tea – see her comment.

And we thought it would be great for people to see who plans to be sitting on that day, where you are, and roughly when you’ll be sitting (and which time zone if you are outside the UK) so, if you would like to, please leave that information in a comment below so we will know who we are sitting with. And do feel free to leave any other comments too.

Rev. Mugo & I are looking forward to sitting with you on the 22nd.

19 thoughts on “Meditation Day – Saturday 22nd June

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  2. I enjoyed it too. I only sat the one hour from 8 – 9 but did the walking meditation which I’ve never done before at home on my own. I need a bit of motivation to sit of late and this was perfect. It also felt like I was sitting with others (even without my computer on) which was nice.

  3. Just a few recollections
    What came to me out this cyber-retreat was the aware-ness that elswhere in the world others were sharing this at the same time.
    It wasn’t about fitting in as many meditation periods as possible more the discipline of sitting at set times know that others are doing the same, simultaneously. Although the demands of daily life remained ever present this did give the opportunity to take more time out to “just sit”.
    Perhaps we do it again sometime?
    With thanks to Revs. Mugo and Alicia for organising this.


  4. Thank you for providing this chance to meditate with a cyber Sangha. I just managed an hour this afternoon and cannot join you for tea.

  5. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to sit in ‘cyber community’ with the wider Sangha. I joined you this morning from 9-10am, patio door wide open, enjoying birdsong, squirrels and the smells of summer. Hoping to dip in again later today. Won’t be able to join you for ‘Tea’ but will drink my cup of tea mindful of all the meditators and merit-walkers out there in the world.
    With bows, Dörte

  6. We have a brunch here at 9.30 (there’s a retreat ending this morning) and then I intend to take myself over to the Kanzeon retreat hut with my meditation cushion. Look forward to seeing some of you online at 4pm.

  7. It will be a wonderful feeling to join the group at eight in the morning, dutch time.
    Be well everyone!
    Gassho, Nanette (the hague)

  8. What a wonderful opportunity to look forward to. I am in Sacramento, California and will figure out the time difference and adhere to a schedule as much as I can. I was beginning to feel quite separated from Sangha. I have no one close by in the city I live in with whom I can meditate. I will cherish this opportunity. Thank you. In Gassho,


  9. I have kept the day clear. Our time zone here is only one hour in advance so that I will follow the time as if I was in U.K. I imagine that I will have lunch for two hours or so at 13.00 hours, my time; that is noon your time.
    Thankyou very much for organising this.

  10. Am pleased to hear of intention to sit together. Have done something very similar with another tradition and feel that it is of much benefit.

    The Leeds meditation group meet on a Saturday morning we tend to be sitting approx 11.30. Some like the opportunity of sitting so it’s likely those that come along will be up for a few 20 mins sittings and some walking.

    Don’t think I will be able to join you for tea and questions on line as depends on availability of a computer – but will pass info on to others that come along.

    Look forward to sitting together

  11. I’ll be sitting with everyone for the first hour from 8-9, then hopefully another early afternoon.

    In gassho~

  12. Hi I plan to sit with you all for at least part of the day. Might be a bit later than 8am will aim for 9. I have been struggling with sitting recently so appreciate being given a push in the right direction. Till Saturday.

  13. On Saturday 22nd I will be at a Franciscan Hermitage where I will have been on retreat since this coming Wednesday. I hope to join you in meditation for 25 minutes at approximately 10:00. I will also be doing a Walking meditation around the hermitage’s labyrinth at some point.

    I really like the idea of a virtual meditation session and look forward to more opportunities to connect like this!

    In gassho!

    -/\- Stuart

  14. I look forward to being with you all as I have no other committments on the day. Please send me my virtual tea bag!

  15. At 8_00 am I’ll be sat in front of my home altar. However, from 9_30 till 12 noon I’ll be dog sitting while my daughter’s at work. I suppose walking the dog could be a form of walking meditation while out with him. I’ll manage a couple of meditation periods in the afternoon in my studio but unable to join in the tea and questions as the wi-fi connection there is tenuous at best.
    Will post here at the end of the day to report how things went .


  16. Yes, I’ll be there. In a tent somewhere in North Norfolk. Sadly won’t be able to join tea and questions (no electricity! internet only in cafes!) but hope to another time. In gassho.

  17. I’ve a rare chance, starting on the 11th June, to spend a couple of weeks in Wales being largely ‘off-line’. So, sorry to say, I’ll not be joining in the tea and questions with you all. I will however be sitting during the day since that is what I will be doing anyway. Personally I anticipate spending some of my sitting time on the 22nd out in nature – perhaps on a log. I’ll post photos of my sitting places in my first post after getting back to my computer.

    Have a good one.

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