Moved In

Two days ago – Tuesday 25th of February – at 8am, the community at Throssel waved me off as I departed for Derbyshire and Sitting Buddha Hermitage. I drove the car kindly lent to me by the trustees of Reading Buddhist Priory, and Rev. Mugo followed in the hired transit van into which had been cleverly (magically!) slotted all my bags and boxes, mattress, desk and chair, the day before.

We arrived at the Hermitage some hours later. Four Sangha friends from Leicester came to help unload the van and share this significant afternoon with us. Another Sangha friend came by later and helped to locate a source of second-hand bed frames and chests of drawers which Rev. Mugo and I went to pick up the next day whilst we still had the van. I feel truly blessed to be the recipient of so much help and friendship.

Today Rev. Mugo has left to drive herself and the van back up North. I have set up a table by the window where I am currently sitting to type this, looking out over the lake, watching ducks and a moorhen through alternating showers and sunshine. It will be a few days yet before I have broadband so I will go out to a café with an internet connection this afternoon so I can post this. No broadband means no photos with this post, but as soon as I can I will compile a few photos from Tuesday and post them here.

Still lots of boxes to unpack, but order is beginning to emerge from chaos and my new life here is starting to take shape.

10 thoughts on “Moved In

  1. I’m so pleased that you have been able to establish Sitting Buddha Hermitage and I wish you well for the coming weeks, months and years. I look forward to visiting.
    In gassho

  2. All the very best with this new venture. The hermitage idea has particular appeal. I look forward to making a retreat here in the not-too-distant future.

  3. Great news – saw picture of property and location – wonderful.

    Is it possible to have address.

    In gassho

    • Hi Treasa, yes, I’ll email you the address. I’m not putting the full address on the website, by the way, as the Hermtage is place of retreat so I am requesting that people contact me to arrange visits – be nice to see you here one day if you can make it.

  4. Wonderful! Best wishes for you settling in and the blossoming of The Field of Merit.

    In gassho, Kevin

  5. Dear Rev. Alicia,
    I am so pleased that your project is finally coming to fruition. It is a wonderful offering. I wish you all the very best, with it.
    Much love,
    In gassho,


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