Moving and Changing…..

Moving and changing, nothing stays still, all is in motion. And we as human beings are at our best when we flow with this movement, accepting and embracing each new moment.

It may once have seemed to us that we would be happy when we had attained a certain situation in life and could dwell there contentedly for the rest of our days. But each time we attain whatever it is we thought would make us happy, we find after a while that we are becoming discontent. The new house, the new job, the new partner is no longer enough to satisfy us.

It is a mistake to think that something is wrong with the house, the job, the partner, or ourselves. It is a mistake to look for long-term satisfaction in the achievement of a goal. The satisfaction, the joy, the sense of aliveness is actually found in the process of creation, of finding and decorating the house, of applying for the job. And we can find that in each and every moment. Every moment is a moment of creation. The more we can let go into each moment, the more we align with the flow of creation. Our fulfillment is found in the doing and the being, not in the having.

And this means that every moment is perfect. It does not have to be any other way, and of course it cannot be other than it is. As it is contains all that we need to be truly ourselves and truly fulfilled.

11 thoughts on “Moving and Changing…..

  1. You have just made this moment feel so much…………
    But how do we forget the past?
    With bows to you both.

    • Mostly we forget the past quite naturally as we lose interest or involvement with what has been. The fact that the past keeps on coming back into our minds is not a problem really. That’s another opportunity to show lack of interest, while directing oneself to what’s happening in the present. It works.

        • Dear Emlyn, Would that be Jade Mountains you have been reading? If so I am glad that you continue to read – you have been there from almost the day I started it as Moving Mountains if I am not mistaken.

          • I am the very same and will continue as long as you write.
            Things are moving great I see.
            Bless you both.
            With bows to you both.

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