Moving Date – 25th February

Thank you so much for all the congratulations and messages of support for the new property in Wirksworth, Derbyshire. Thank you also for asking what items will be needed to furnish and equip it: I have put up a list in the Alms Bowl and have already been offered some of the things needed. I am really so grateful to everyone for helping to make this possible.

The moving date has been fixed for 25th of February. I am hiring a transit van, which Rev. Mugo has kindly offered to drive as she has plenty of experience of driving such vehicles. I will be very glad to have her along with me on the moving day.

I’ve done a little checking into public transport and was pleasantly surprised to find out that there is an hourly bus from the end of the road, going to Matlock and Derby, so it will be very possible for people to get here by train and bus, as well as by car.

And I will be giving this place a temple name. I have something in mind but can’t reveal it just yet!

7 thoughts on “Moving Date – 25th February

  1. Hello Rev Alicia,

    Mugo told me that you’d finally found the place. Looking at the pictures, I felt very excited. That good feeling that yourself and Mugo experienced is quite tangible, even from here. It seems designed for the purpose.

    I’ve visited that area quite a lot over the years – for camping holidays mainly – and now I’m looking forward to visiting again when you are ready to receive visitors. Last night I had a dream that I had found a tent, perfect in every respect – the right size, just for me. I’ve been puzzling over it all morning. Now it seems appropriate and feels something to do with attachment, the simplicity of day-to-day existence and finding peace in solitude.

    I look forward to following your progress and will welcome a call to come and help you to prepare the place, if you need it, in due course.

    • Thank you so much for your offer of help Elaine, much appreciated. And I look forward to seeing you there.

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