One Month On

It is roughly one month since we launched our website and published our first Newsletter, so it seems like a good time for an update. Looking at the statcounter on the website there have been 1211 visits as of this moment. And I just went to look at the list of subscribers to the newsletter, of which there are 82. We’ve been getting automatic emails from MailChimp when people subscribe to the newsletter, so we have seen the messages of support coming with them in the comment field, but looking over them again just now, all together, is really heart-warming! Rev. Mugo & I know we will never be able to thank people enough for supporting this project, but we’ll do our best – THANK YOU!

We got ourselves some business cards printed (here’s a photo) to help us spread the word. The picture we are using at the moment on the cards and the website was taken by Rev. Mugo in one of the fields at Throssel one day this summer.

And we received around £1,150 in donations of cash and cheques. I don’t yet know what has been donated online as I am in the process of arranging with CAF (The Charities Aid Foundation), whom we are using for our online donation service, for the facility to access donation statements online.

Field of Merit is currently operating as a restricted fund within the Order of Buddhist Contemplatives Activities Trust, a registered charity, until we establish ourselves as an independent legal entity. Thank you Sue, who gave us the contact details of two women who work with local government agencies advising groups on how to get started. I will be meeting both of them this month. We have also gotten advice on legal structure from Dave in Lancashire which has been extremely useful.

Thank you also to those who have offered their various skills, including Ben, a professional website designer who has offered to do a design for our site – can’t wait to see it.

Looks to us like we’ve got a pretty active project on our hands – please help us by spreading the word to anyone you think might be interested!