Reflections On The Meditation Day

By all accounts the day of meditation on the 22nd was well attended and was much appreciated too. Several people have reported how motivating it was to know that others were meditating at the same time and there was a momentum set up which encouraged the habit of sitting regularly since then. One person said how he was able to let emotions arise more freely than might be possible if sitting in company. Tears able to flow more freely for example. People spoke of doing walking meditation at home and that taking a bit of getting used to. Before the next day I’ll dig up some illustrated instructions for walking meditation which will help moving smoothly in a confined space. I doubt if anybody has a huge space to walk around in at home. Although that said, there is always outside if you’re fortunate enough to have a garden, and privacy.

I know numbers don’t matter however it would be interesting to know how many people sat on the day – I estimate between 10 and 15. A few people left a comment on this post after the day was done and if you are moved to write something please say how it was for you in the comments section of that post. In the end we will have an informal retreat report for each day we meet. (Could this become a regular monthly event? I think so.) As for the tea, I understand there were five people there. I’m not sure if the infant from northern Spain, who joined the tea with his dad, counted in with the five!

So in the mean time keep up with that regular meditation practice. And for a little bit of help and encouragement why not listen to Rev. Master Meian, Abbot of Shasta Abbey, talking about meditation practice. To listen to the talk go to this page on the Shasta Abbey website and scroll down to the talk titled Serene Reflection Meditation. For me it is a tonic simply to hear Rev. Master Meian’s voice.

Those of you who subscribe to The Journal of the OBC will have read the transcript of this talk in the Spring edition.