Requests For Transfer Of Merit

To train to the best of our ability is to transfer merit to all sentient beings. The merit of keeping the Precepts and training cannot be limited or measured; the results extend far beyond self, family and friends.

Asking for merit to be transferred to a person, animal, situation, group is practiced widely within our Order. Usually the merit requests are pinned to a notice board outside the meditation hall and are read before meditation. This is an on-line version, possibly a first. Please keep the following in mind when requesting merit.

  • Do not use full names or include details which would identify the person.
  • Keep details general, such as ‘is in hospital’, ‘is undergoing tests’, ‘is close to death’.
  • Requests will stay up for a month, however if you want it to stay longer just ask, no problem.

Merit is not something materialistic that we can set out to accumulate as a sort of currency to buy peace and happiness for ourselves and others. It cannot be the object of training. Rather, merit is the consequence of living by the Precepts, ceasing from evil and doing only good. It is the turning of the Wheel of the Dharma impelled by the effort of sincere training. Just as a smile can brighten the hearts of many who behold it, so the merit of training is far-reaching and gives help and encouragement to countless beings.

The above two quotes are from The Transfer of Merit by Reverend Master Mokugen Kublicki of Great Ocean Dharma Refuge in Wales, UK.

2 thoughts on “Requests For Transfer Of Merit

  1. Dear Rev Mugo
    Thank you for the merit postings on your blog
    I just wanted to share with you that Patsy cat is 100% better
    Also that my friend with cancer has been meditating in Copenhagen – she says it is helping. I’m visiting her in June.
    With many thanks and bows
    Nic X

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