Retreat In The Redwoods

Last year I found myself supporting and advising a woman who was staying in a retreat cabin somewhere on the west coast of California. She had found me via Jade Mountains and it would seem she read it cover to cover! Anyway it was interesting to get emails from her asking questions about meditation and the like.

It’s that time again and my distance friend is off for her annual away time and once again I am on call. Advising and supporting a retreat in this way is a first for me! And in a short time I get to sit in that cabin in the Redwoods and warm my tea on a tiny stove. If only vicariously.

Taken from a handwritten letter:

It is almost a year since I went on retreat so consider yourself warned as I’m sure you will get a few emails from me. Although it’s Tibetan that’s not a concern as they welcome everyone. It’s such a peaceful place, nestled in the Redwoods and there are many paths for hiking and a lovely deck on each of the six cabins. Inside there is a small stove for heating tea and supper. But the best is the outside showers with the view of the mountains – even in the cold of winter!

So I hope to find the same joy when your project is done and I can come to the UK for retreat. Of course I will be reading your posts in Jade and Fields as always.

Taken from recent emails:

I head off in early November so I have a couple of weeks to prepare. It takes me that amount of time to figure out how NOT to take so much stuff with me! I already have a couple of the books you spoke of tucked away to take with me.

When I think about going on one of these retreats I want to meditate longer, think more, do vigorous hiking, fill sketch books, read copious amounts and write. However I usually end up sitting on the deck watching the animals, enjoying coffee and wandering here and there!

From a recent email:

I’m delighted you would include anything from our emails. Of course that is fine. What was funny was that after I had sent you the previous email I went to Field of Merit and read Rev Alicia’s post and thought..what a wonderful idea of the flags. So I’m making my own flags/ poles to place around the cabin along with incenses and reading of  a scripture. So in my own small way I will be incorporating both of you in my retreat.

As I mentioned to my correspondent, You are placing yourself within the Field of Merit are you not? That means you include Rev. Alicia and I, and all beings as you make this valuable time of retreat a beneficial time on all levels of functioning. For yourself and for others. This is how the circulation of merit works.

I await emails from far distant cabin in woods. At least when people come to retreat in one of our Hermitages they will be able to find their support and advice closer to hand.

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  1. Greetings from the Redwoods once again. I found to my dismay that I could not connect to Wifi this year and had myself a littlle snit. How would I write, read things from the archives? Get support? HhMmm. Well I can access the net via phone but now I find its more for that which is important..asking a question, reading posts . This lack of easy access has ppointed me back to the direction I need to be going. Bows

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