Sailing Forwards

The week after next Rev. Alicia and me are going to stay in North Yorkshire and get a feel for whether or not this area would be suitable to locate Field of Merit. We were granted funds by the Inlight Trust to be used for research expenses. So accommodation and travel costs are already covered for this trip. And since this is a self-catering cottage we will bring our own food and eat simply yet well. Thankfully we enjoy the same foods. It will be good to spend this time in the same place. Ideas, thoughts and inspirations tend to bounce back and forth more freely in company.

During the week we will look at some properties, walk on the moors and in the lanes and probably visit some estate agents. This all might seem premature given we need to raise funds first. However this is a chicken and egg situation. To apply for grants we need to have somewhere in mind to apply funds to, and to be taken seriously by vendors we need to have funds! We decided to just go ahead and take a look anyway. North Yorkshire is one of three areas we have come up with initially. The other two being the Eden Valley, Cumbria and the Peak District which is largely in Derbyshire.

Somebody has very kindly been doing some online research into suitable properties for us to consider and potentially go and view. I inwardly gulp at the size and price of what has been turned up so far. (No reflection on you J, you have done a great job so far.) We are looking for land enough to site cabins, preferably wooded, with a modest house. However land generally comes with a huge mansion far beyond our probable ability to heat or maintain. We need space outdoors and not that much indoors! We could live with something with just two, or possibly three, bedrooms but they are generally in a town or village with a pocket handkerchief lawn front and back! Clearly we are looking for, what the estate agents call, an opportunity to purchase this unique property at an affordable price….. Such opportunities exist. Surely.

My feeling is that funds and property will come together in a timely way. We all just need to keep the project sailing forwards in a lively fashion. I use the sailing metaphor because I anticipate the project listing to one side then another, sometimes bobbing up and down becalmed and sometimes sailing forward at an alarming rate! I feel we are sailing forward at an alarming rate NOW!

The project could use as many eyes and brains searching the Internet for that unique opportunity. Wherever you are in the world the searchable Internet is there too. Let us know if you can be on the alert and online. We have written some guidance notes to help you to help sail Field of Merit into a suitable….field! Send a note via the contact form and one of us will be in touch.

9 thoughts on “Sailing Forwards

  1. I should add that if you make an offer on a scottish house you are bound to buy it, so funds must be available first – but you probably know that. 🙂

    • Thanks Julie, the prices for what you get are amazing. I’d not found anything like this value for money where I have looked so far. At the moment we are simply seeing what is available in various parts of the country.

      • Of course and scotland is a long way to travel for people who live in the south, one gets to Carlilse and still has 100 miles to go to the west! However one advantage of that part of Scotland is that there is a lack of the dreaded midges:)

  2. I will happily trawl on-line for you. Don’t suppose you would consider Gloucestershire 🙂 that is just a wishful thought, as I live here….with bows _/\_

    • Allie, thanks for thinking of us. Take a look around and see what you find is all I can say. Perhaps a bit ‘spendie’ but you never know what is tucked away in a secluded woodland…..

      • Yes, I will certainly look around. It is expensive in North Cotswolds, but a fair bit cheaper in the Forest of Dean area, & also around the Golden Valley, (Stroud district – we have a retreat there in April, led by Rev. Alina).

        • Thanks. I know the forest of Dean. Was just thinking about there this very day. Rev.Alicia and I are doing property research this week….

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