Sitting Buddha Hermitage Website – and Fish

I have been beavering away at a new website for Sitting Buddha Hermitage and I would like to invite you to a preview by clicking here. The Field of Merit website will remain accessible so that people can read about the first two years of the project, but once I switch to using the new site (technically a subdomain) I will direct people towards it and be posting to the new blog.

So please do have a look around the fledgling Sitting Buddha Hermitage site and if you have any comments or suggestions for improvement I’d love to know – you can either comment here or use the contact form on either site.

Oh, and I heard this week that the lake here is going to be stocked with fish – carp and gudgeon to keep the water clean and some goldfish to look pretty – around 40 fish in all. Arriving in a couple of weeks. Won’t that be fun!

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