The Sands Of The Ganges

Somebody passed on this little jar of sand collected from the banks of the River Ganges while he and his wife were in Rishikesh.  Something I treasure always.  In Buddhist scriptures there are many references to the sands of the Ganges to illustrate multiplicity, unimaginable number of something.

I did a Google search on sands of the Ganges and turned up a link to this  article titled, Sands of the Ganges! taken from this book edited by Martine Batchelor.

This week I have been traveling in Scotland where traditionally there are as many black midges as there are sands in the Ganges! Just joking. However I didn’t meet any, knowingly.  I gave a talk to a couple of meditation groups with the theme of Precepts and living with the intention to keep true to them. So I was especially glad to see a reference in the above article to living with intention quoted from the 4th century Indian Buddhist philosopher called Vasubhandu and I quote. The world is created from intentions. Good to know my thinking is in line with an ancient!

Yes indeed our inner and outer worlds come about through our intentions. Intentions informed and guided by the Precepts, infused with compassion and stabilised by meditation.

3 thoughts on “The Sands Of The Ganges

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  2. Thank you for linking intention and meditation with “stabilisation”. The quivering ground of my unstable intent has been a source of much fear, shame, doubt and self-recrimination. Pardon me for such a brief note. But I am off to meditate!

    In gassho,

    • Bless you Melinda. When I wrote the word stabilisation in the post I did wonder if anybody would pick up on the term. And you did which is great! It is a good word to describe what practice brings isn’t it. I sometimes bring in a three legged stool as a metaphor for the prime importance of meditation, Precepts and Compassion being the practice, all three being equally significant in terms of stability of practice.

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