The Year Ahead

Walking into the year ahead - leaving 2013 behind.

Walking into the year ahead – leaving 2013 behind.

It has taken me some time to adjust to the changing of the year. On one level moving from December 31st, 2013 to January 1st, 2014 is just the difference of one day. What’s to adjust to! However the turning of the year invariably brings up memories and events and feelings, and all the rest, from the previous year. Before you know it one’s whole life comes up for review. That’s how it has been for me these past few days. All in all not a bad thing.

I was talking to a woman yesterday on the ‘phone who is finding life difficult in the extreme. There is loneliness and loss of life’s purpose to mention just a couple of issues that are weighing her down. For anybody walking into a new year there can be a crushing sense of emptiness, a negative emptiness. When physically alone this feeling can be almost unbearable. Yet walk on we must whatever the level of emotional, and in my friend’s case, physical pain. We walk on, side by side, together and that’s a blessing.

I love this photograph of the monk bending into the snow. It was sent to me ten years ago just as I was about to fly to Edmonton Canada where I ended up living nine months later. Lots of walking into the gusting snow that winter and so much more besides. The image still speaks volumes and especially at this time of year. As you can see in the image I’ve posted, Rev. Alicia’s name is on my computer screen. We have just been typing back and forth in ‘real time’ as it is put. Using an online chat facility is brilliant on so many levels. It’s friendly, informal and in terms of dealing with business matters and checking one’s ideas back and forth one can move things along apace. And for me, living on my own as I do at the moment, having a brief interchange with Rev. Alicia is a boost on a cold dark evening. We continue to work together with me in a supporting kind of role. Very soon there will be news of a next step for the project.