Transferring to the New Website

Welcome Page

Today is the day. The new website Sitting Buddha Hermitage is now up and running and as of today I shall be posting all new information to the new site, including this blog. So if you have an RSS feed set up for Field of Merit Blog you will need to set up a new one for Sitting Buddha Hermitage Blog if you would like to continue to receive these blog posts.

As a bit of background: Field of Merit is the project launched in July 2012 by Rev. Mugo and me to gather support and raise funds to purchase property for the founding of a small rural retreat in the UK for practitioners of Soto Zen Buddhism that would offer a number of individual hermitages for short or extended retreats. The project eventually evolved into its present form, which is in a rented, rather than purchased, property and with one monk (me – Alicia) resident and offering one retreat caravan, a guest room in the house, and a meditation shrine for individual day retreats. I moved into this property in February 2014 and named it Sitting Buddha Hermitage.

Field of Merit remains the name of the associated charity. In time that may change, but for the time being it seems to work fine and it is not uncommon for a charity to have a different name from the actual enterprise.

This website, Field of Merit, will remain accessible so that people can read about the first two years of the project, but the site will no longer be updated with new information.

Moving to Sitting Buddha Hermitage was a significant step for this project, and for me personally, and the transition to the new website feels like another milestone. I sincerely hope that you will follow the project to the new website with me and that I will one day welcome most, if not all, of you to the actual physical Hermitage. I remain immensely grateful to everyone for helping the project to get this far and for your continuing support.