ConvoyRev. Wilfrid sent me this photo last week. He took it on the day I left Throssel for Wirksworth, me driving the car and Rev. Mugo driving the hired transit van. A transit van to help with the transition. I’ve always honoured times of transition and recognised that they can be quite unsettling and bring up unexpected and disquieting feelings. As it happens, this time I have only experienced joy and gratitude for the place that is now Sitting Buddha Hermitage and for all the help, support and kindness that has been coming my way from friends both old and new.

Uprooting from one part of the country to another and from a community in which one has lived for the best part of 20 years is a big transition. But when are we not in transition? Transition is the process of change from one state to another and, as the Buddha’s teaching on impermanence tells us, and as we can see for ourselves, everything is in a continual state of flux. Sometimes it seems that I am upset out of all proportion by a small event when a large one can pass by smoothly. Large and small, rough and smooth are just labels. My wish is simply to bring an open, accepting and compassionate heart to all that arises.

6 thoughts on “Transitioning

  1. On the other hand big changes can also be quite challenging……..Great photo and wise words.

  2. Don’t we look jolly! Lovely to see this photograph. And as one who feels herself to be in transition I appreciate your words here. You are so right when you talk about big and little changes and how we can walk on in major ways, like moving as you have done, yet stumble when the time of lunch changes!

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